Reasons Why National Funeral Consulting Group is a Great Investment Opportunity

As a Funeral Consultant, you have the opportunity to partner with an industry leader in a highly competitive market, that experiences increased margins every year.

Here are some reasons why National Funeral Consulting Group is a great investment opportunity:

  • Janice R. Hicks funeral consulting has experienced rapid growth over the last 10 years.
  • Your initial investment has the potential of a 200% return the first month.
  • As a member of NFCG, you are invested in a brand that is the grassroots of never-ending opportunities in the funeral industry.

Funeral Consultant Workshop Training & Support

NFCG is committed to setting you up for success. NFCG provides Funeral Consultants with a comprehensive and multi-faceted training workshop, which includes expert speakers from various parts of the funeral industry. After completing the 12 weekly 2-hour training sessions, Funeral Consultants receive:

  • Continued education and coaching
  • Access to vendors and various resources
  • Training and operational manuals as an ongoing reference for operation
  • An invitation to weekly group meetings and individual support/assistance to help grow the funeral consultant business