NFCG Investment Details

We want our Funeral Consultants to be successful so they can grow a sustainable business.  In order to be able to best and optimize your investment it is necessary for the Funeral Consultants to meet the following requirements:

  • Funeral Consultants initial investment for the training workshop is $4.500.

NOTE: A monthly liberty fee of $250 is required after completion of training.

  • Funeral Consultants must be well versed in all areas of the funeral and death care industry.
  • Energy, Enthusiasm and an Entrepreneurial Spirit are a must!

Next Steps

Are you ready to provide a much needed service in your community and operate your own funeral consulting business?

Below is the high-level process that outlines what to expect during the process.  Start by completing the online form and move one step closer to learning about this amazing opportunity.

Step 1
  • Review the Funeral Consultant Disclosure Document (FCDD)
Step 2
  • Schedule meeting with #thefuneralconsultant
  • Develop and submit a business plan or letter of intent to NFCG team
Step 3
  • NFCG Team reviews and approves the business plan or letter of intent
Step 4
  • Sign NFCG agreement
  • Pay workshop fee
Step 5
  • Attend 12 weekly 2-hour training workshops
  • Establish relationship with preNeed companies and various vendors
  • Familiarize yourself with local funeral homes and cemeteries
  • Plan first prePlanning Workshop